Bespoke Programmes

Custom bespoke training that I run.

Buying training services

This is a 4 hour seminar on how to buy in training related services, in particular freelance independent trainers for an identified need.

Accreditation: None

Likely Cost: This seminar is free

Anyone can draw

A series of varying length workshops that challenge the commonly held belief amongst many people that they cannot draw.

Individuals will be challenged at the most basic level of understanding about perception and by using a step by step process, will be shown by their own hands that they can in fact draw.

If you every hear your staff saying they cannot do something and want to challenge them, then as a recent participant in the shorter of the workshops said 'you've changed my life' and left with a new view of their own capabilities. I believe your staff could too.

Be aware that the term 'anyone' is in relation to an individual with reasonable visual capabilities and the ability to understand instruction.

Likely Cost: From 50