Helping business find trainers

Peter J Mayes

I am the founder and editor of TrainerBase. I created TrainerBase as a result of an exercise in managing a group of associates who were interested in working for my training company. When I launched my associate list in 2001 I was inundated with interest and realised that the concept of an easily searchable database of trainers would be useful for other purchasers. As a result I  developed which I launched in February 2002.

Since then TrainerBase has been successfully helping business find trainers and trainers find business.

I have been in 'education' for over 25 years. During that time I have gained a considerable amount of experience and expertise in the competencies of learning and development practice. In 2006 I put together a team to create a Standard which would enable TrainerBase to recommend 'accredited' members.

The Standard for Learning and Development Practitioners was launched in 2008 and I believe it is the only framework that covers all the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be a competent practitioner. It formed the syllabus for a BTEC Professional Certificate in Learning and Development Practice Management accredited by EDEXCEL.

I am a regular contributor to items, articles and threads on social media platforms and have written on learning and development practice for publications such as Training Journal and media sites such as Training Zone.

I am currently researching acedemic literature around learning and development and am writing a book called 'The Competent Practitioner', distilling my research and knowledge about learning and development practice with experiences from practitioners. 

I provide free advice and guidance to purchasers of learning and development services via email and phone. I am writing a book called "A Managers Guide to Buying Training Services" which provides insights into how managers with staff development responsibilities and budgets should judiciously spend thier often limited resources (buy their own training). I run seminars on purchasing training services and offer paid for service in areas of needs analysis and evaluation of training interventions.